Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Astonish 4-in-1 Disinfectant Review

One of the considerations of having housemates is maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene levels of my apartment. This was something I was especially concerned about after being stricken by pneumonia. After being discharged from hospital, I felt like everything I handled was contaminated by my germs. Definitely not a good feeling.

I started researching for a disinfectant spray to exterminate germs and bacteria and I was very tempted to get this Dettol disinfectant spray (RM22.90 for 450ml). The cheapest version I could find was on Lazada but it cost RM18.90 and there was additional RM5 shipping fee so I thought I'd hold back on this purchase for now.

Source: 11street.my

Being a cheapskate I dug further and found an Astonish disinfectant on Lazada selling for RM24.55 for 750ml! Seems like a good deal right? But after I bought it the seller decreased the price to RM22.88. I hate it when they do that! It's so disappointing especially because I bought it at a higher price.

Anyway I think it's definitely easier than buying Isopropyl alcohol concentrates which I have to dilute before use...so troublesome and I don't want my skin to be affected whilst handling the chemical (it is very drying for skin). I wasn't familiar with the Astonish brand because it isn't widely distributed in Malaysia, but boyfriend knew it for its car cleaning products so I decided to give it a go. FYI the brand Astonish is from the UK and has been around for 40 years.

Here's how it looks like. Btw do note that this disinfectant is being rebranded to Germ Clear Disinfectant on the official Astonish website.

Shipping took longer than my usual purchases -- approximately 10 days since I placed my order. But I was happy that the product was well packed in a box and sealed in plastic wrap. One of the my grievances with online shopping is when there is no external box or bubble wrap -- my hairdryer was delivered in its original box and everyone could see what I bought. But this seller packed the product properly so all is good.

I tried it out immediately after I got it. The disinfectant can be used for cleaning sinks, toilet bowls and hard surfaces. Instructions say to avoid soft surfaces, perspex, food stuff and baby bottles. So far I have used it on my kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet seat cover, rubbish bin and all door knobs. The spray head is not the mist type, rather it is focused spray so I had to wipe down the surface after spraying to spread it, but I left it on for around 5 minutes before wiping as recommended. The liquid is in green colour so you'll have to wipe it off anyway or it's just gonna look gross on light surfaces.

Whilst I have no way to measure how many germs I have killed (therefore I shall trust the label which says that it eliminates bugs, E. Coli, salmonella, etc., the strong smell reminiscent of bleach after use has convinced me that it had done its job. The light pine scent is overpowered by the chlorine like smell, but thankfully it is not as strong as Clorox (bleach) and dissipates rather quickly. No complaints on the smell, rather it gives me confidence in its effectiveness hahaha!

I have a good feeling that this 750ml will last me a year. Overall I am quite satisfied with this purchase. It eases my OCD related concerns and gives me a peace of mind. I am still on the lookout for a milder disinfectant to use on my sofa, bedding, and soft surfaces. I probably will cave and get that Dettol disinfectant for that purpose.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Moving on

I go through this phase of nostalgia and experience feelings of wanting to hold on each time a story comes to an end. We don't want a story to end -- at least I usually don't, more so if it's a good story. We get comfortable too easily, and in that process somehow we resist change. However, it is good to remind ourselves every now and then that we are very adaptable. God has created man with strength and endurance in mind. We can persevere through the four seasons, icy tundra, sweltering desert, oxygen-deprived mountains and even survive the depths of the ocean. Mind over matter. As long as you put your mind to it. With that, I moved on.

It is liberating to know that you have complete control over your future. This freedom is intoxicating. It is like an addictive drug that I can't get enough of. The possibilities that have seemed out of reach are now endless, and ready for me to seize and claim for my own.

And just as quickly as lightning strikes, I met him. Well, we were great friends already, sharing much in common and a solid bond. I enjoyed his company very much, but it was never more than platonic friendship. His quiet, shy, unassuming demeanor complements my bold, opinionated nature and we clicked very well. We hung out a lot more after my breakup; I needed company to take my mind off the past and he was perfect, having experienced heartbreak and understanding how I felt. He was kind and empathetic, and I could truly be myself around him. There was no need to impress him, I could cry and sob all I wanted and he wouldn't judge me for that, our bond was that strong.

Yet I never imagined that I could experience those moments again. Fluttering heartbeats, butterflies in my tummy, self consciousness and giddily looking forward to meeting this special someone. He makes me feel different -- like a younger version of me; more carefree, buoyant and bubbly. And all of a sudden, it occurred to me that happiness could be so simple. His optimism, ready smile and infectious jokes cheer me up over and over again, and mere thoughts of him plastered goofy smiles on my face. Even before the chemistry, I recall thoroughly enjoying our conversations, which could broach subjects from analyzing people to music. Like a cat being offered milk, his compassionate and kind nature, understanding and tact (so rare in boys these days!) drew me in. I was charmed by his slight awkwardness, like lines not too well-rehearsed, the rawness of our conversations are both stimulating and endearing.

The first time we held hands, that's a memory I want seared to the back of my mind. Flustered and uncoordinated, palms cold out of nervousness; it probably will not rank among romantic beginnings. But for me, it was perfect. I want to remember our awkwardness and how new we were to each other. Being friends before entering a relationship is a different experience altogether, it seems like you already know so much about that person, but being aware that there is still so much more to discover. It'll be an unforgettable adventure, it'll take practice and getting used to, and I absolutely can't wait to embark on this brand new journey with my newfound sunshine :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Thank you for the journey

Six years is a long time to be with someone. You learn a lot about that person, growing together, accompanying each other through life's milestones. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, things sour up. Circumstances change. People change. Like a caged animal, the limits of the metal bars are claustrophobic, it restrains and drains one emotionally. When the pieces left from a relationship consist of resentment, frustration, unmet expectations; the deep scars etched in the depths of our beings spell no turning back. Hence that chapter of my life came to an end.

I am still doing plenty of soul searching. There is a strong need in me to explore more, discover the depths and layers to myself and learn more about my desires in life, what fulfills me, what gives me happiness and how I can deal with and manage my rising expectations. It would probably be easier to label myself selfish, and we can do that. Truth is, I can't see myself settling down right now. I don't settle. I always up my game. I want more, need more and until I break through the glass ceiling that spells out my limitations and dictates that I am not enough, I will not be contented.

Pursuing something that is well past its due will only leave us broken and lost. Thank you for the journey, but this is for me. I need this for my sanity, to feed the hunger in my soul. I hope someday you can understand, the ambition and drive within me can't be tempered. Its embers will always glow, waiting, waiting for that right moment for the wind to blow it into a roaring blaze.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A long stretch of holidays is hard to come by...

...when you're no longer a student.

Missing my mid-sem breaks so so much. Feeling nostalgic again. I can't really say that I missed my semester breaks, seeing how I jumped up at every opportunity to do an internship when I was a student. Bit stupid of me, really. I have no idea why I worked so hard. I slaved away at 3 internships and a tutoring job throughout my college years whenever I had the chance. As a result, I developed a solid work ethic and honed my skills to claim the coveted Chancellor's Award, but that's all history now. No one really cares about your CGPA pointer or achievements when you enter the workforce. My hair loss problem, however, has persistently followed my through those years and has not seen any noticeable improvement despite my increasingly desperate attempts of rescue. In short, it's NOT worthwhile.

I like to think that I am making up for my previous sacrifices now, having landed a great job that offers me the idealized work-life balance. Whilst the initial learning curve was steep, I am now pretty good at what I do, and generally lead a stress-free life. What's better, my company is on a one week break this week! The staff who've been working there for some time are headed to snowing Beijing for a well-deserved trip, and me and the other folks who hasn't been there quite as long get a nice holiday. This is in addition to our annual leave! A fantastic arrangement, I'd say. Good time to get my last minute Christmas shopping done and scout for some good shopping deals (MUST. BUY. BEFORE. GST)!

For those who think that life after graduation gets harder, I beg to differ. Unless you're in architecture, then it is only expected (having gone through that, I feel you). After I stopped chasing mountains, I discovered contentment. I treasure the time I spend together with my family, and I am immensely blessed that I do not have to move to other parts of the country to find work like many of my peers. Counting my blessings and looking forward to a warm and joyful Christmas!

Merry Christmas and good tidings to you :)

My Credit Card Adventure

A credit card to me, is a symbol of power. It is the ultimate representation of adulthood, a piece of plastic that conveys your maturity and financial position. Now I’ve steered clear from credit cards for as long as I remember, as I felt that I didn’t need them. Until recently, that is.

I have done lengthy research on credit cards ever since a friend started to pique my interest in it by tempting tales of EPP (easy payment plan), cashback rewards, yada yada. The rewards are tempting and very good cash saving initiatives – provided you can control your spending. I am quite confident in my self restraint, and I do not foresee credit cards altering my life drastically or casting me into the deep, dark pits of dreaded debt. After much much deliberation, consulting with my family and much indispendsable advise from GenX GenY GenZ (here’s some publicity, I totally benefited from your advice), I have decided to opt for the Maybank 2 Gold Cards.

At first I was hesitant to pick this as the GST is calculated at RM50 per card, making it RM100 annually. It is not such a good deal when you have to fork out additional RM50 for a card that you don’t really want, isn’t it? I really only preferred the American Express card, as it gives 5% cashback (up to a maximum of RM50 per month) on weekends and 5x treats points daily, whilst the Visa / Mastercard does not offer such benefits. It is much harder to build up your points when you only gain 1 point per RM1 spent instead of 5 points per RM1 spent. Nonetheless, the current promotion is not bad, with 3 swipes on each card, the RM50 GST is waived! However this is only for the Maybank 2 Gold cards, the Platinum Amex card is ineligible for the GST waiver (see below).

So for the first year I can save my RM100 on the GST, not bad isn’t it! This card is free for life too (as all credit cards should be, in my opinion)! After checking out other credit card offers I feel so happy that I got the “best” deal (“Best” is relative since there isn’t a perfect credit card, just one that best suits your needs). I will be happily swiping my Amex card on weekends and getting 5% cashback as well as 5x treats points muahaha. Can’t do much shopping on weekdays anyway.

 I have used my card unashamedly by volunteering to pay first when I go out with my family and friends and have them pay me back the money (free treats points + cashback). Oh oh, and since I signed up at the Maybank promotional kiosk (yeah, those booths with clingy and desperate salespeople who try to tempt you with their credit card offers), I got a free Maybank mug and recycle bag. Very cheapskate of me right? Haha but since I’ve planned to get the credit card anyway, might as well reap all benefits available. And it’s a good quality mug, quite happy lah. I got the card within 5 days (still need to call and pester them for it), so it’s not too bad. OCBC takes 3 weeks to process a credit card, which is far too long in my opinion (and 0.5% cashback is so pitiful, really). Kudos to you, Maybank!

 All this blatant Maybank promoting is just me being overexcited about having my first credit card. I like to believe that I struck gold this time bargain hunting for credit cards, and it’s a huge learning experience for me, stepping into the grown up world of personal finance. Still, self control is really important with this piece of plastic — it is SO easy to go overboard. But I’ll leave that story for next time ;)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December shopping hauls

In lieu of the looming inflation and goods and sales taxes in Malaysia, my family is going on crazy shopping sprees. The Ringgit is at its lowest in 5 years, and the cost of living situation here is looking bleak for future years to come. This coffee shop I frequent for lunch near my office has upped its price for a glass of Chinese tea to 70 cents from 50 cents! Please tell me what sorcery is this! I will be boycotting your thin Chinese tea from now on hmph!

So yeah, back to shopping. Using the same analogy as investing, there's no better time to do it than the present ;)

I got an early Christmas gift for my mom. She has never owned a luxury bag before, so here's our first foray into the world of branded and luxury goods. Also a good time to start pampering her now that I'm working and earning my own keep. Initially I wanted to get her a bottle of Chanel No.5 but this came up as too good to pass on hence I scrapped my plans.

Coach's new arrival, the Turnlock Borough Bag in embossed textured leather, retailing at RM2,400. I got a great deal on this -- a 30% discount for Coach sales and an additional 10% for using my Maybank card. I paid only RM1,465 in the end for a new arrival item! However after some calculation I realized that they billed me wrongly. I think I am overcharged by RM25. I have NO idea how they got to that figure. Should have checked at the store, however it didn't feel right to examine the receipt as I usually do since it was folded up very nicely in an envelope card. These stores play tricks on your mind, I swear. Or maybe I'm just too new in the world of luxury.

Was pretty tempted to get the Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Tote for USD$262 at the Ngurah Rai airport in Bali but having examined both bags it is pretty obvious that the Turnlock Borough is of better quality. It feels really structured and sturdy, with many zipped compartments for us ladies to store our infinite amount of items and the stitching work is very fine, whereas comparatively the Jet Set Saffiano Tote is more flimsy and less refined in its build quality. The shoulder straps are roughly finished at the edges (there are traces of glue) and look more prone to wear and tear. I feel that MK is overrated as the product doesn't justify its price tag. And the store assistants are pretty much the epitome of wallflowers. It felt no different to browsing at a department store. Coach definitely has better customer service.

Laneige has some great Christmas sales! Check out our haul -- easily a year's supply to be shared between my mom, me and my sis.

I am a huge fan of their Water Bank series. It's really hydrating and smells so good! I've got their essence, gel cream, multi cleanser (super good buy at RM50 instead of RM85), emulsion and toner. For our purchases, we got free gifts of 2 5-piece travel sets! Isn't the paper bag sweet? I am a sucker for pink and I love it!

Christmas is that time of the year where my pockets empty... and I suspect that my new year's resolutions will include "being more frugal / cut spending!!" somewhere inside. I feel like I am the ultimate consumer these days. But whatever. Life is good and I am happy.

Happy December, everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Yoga is the bane of my existence

I don't do sports, am as about as flexible as a sheet of glass, and fail abysmally at yoga.

This sedentary lifestyle I'm leading is one of the best damn periods of my life.

I will always look back in fond memory of the time where I didn't need to work to maintain my physique, however I'm pretty sure I'm well approaching the end of my lease.

Before I start bulging horizontally, I'd like to remember the me now.

Straits Quay, Penang | October 2014

Friday, October 31, 2014

Eye candy & desires

Had a short getaway at Penang last weekend and it was great! It definitely feels awesome to have a break and recharge. However the effects of it was a long week at work. It sure felt long enough, and I am rejoicing at the prospect of having 2 entire days to myself.

Being the shallow and superficial youth I am, I ventured to educate myself on shopping culture during my time at Penang *wink* I am pretty good at telling luxury bags apart now, and armed with that knowledge, the lure of these designer goods are so strong I can barely resist. I am basking in my superficial tendencies and am enjoying every bit of it. Whilst others are out there doing deeds like volunteering, chasing fitness goals (the bane of my existence), networking their way up the career ladder, getting their feet deep in their new startup, here I am lusting after bags and shoes.

This, to me is contentment. It is a luxury itself and the simple pleasure delights me to no end.

Eye candy coming up! I don’t know how long will I be able to resist these items!

The Kate Spade bag I’ve been lusting after. It costs around RM1140. I’m not sure if I can cough out that kind of money for a tiny bag, but it’s so gorgeous! I love the two tone finish and the strap that transforms it into a cross-body bag. 1 bag, 2 uses. Love that idea!

Pointy Keds in navy blue! I think that they look absolutely chic and would suit any casual occasion. I can already picture them with my outfits. However I can’t seem to find this particular design in any store around Malaysia. What a bummer.

I already have this, so by right it shouldn’t be on this list, but whatever! I adore my Carlo Rino to bits!!! Love the beautiful cat design and colour! It is so gorgeous and feminine. The quality is a far cry from the cheap bags I’ve pledged loyalty to for as long as I can recall (those poor student days and now a small bud trying to establish my career). This is by far the best birthday gift I have ever received! My boyfriend gave it to me and I’m totally obsessed about this bag. It was a surprise gift and I was super super touched to get it since I’ve fallen head over heels in love with it upon first sight.

Way out of bounds, but it stole my heart. The Omega De Ville Prestige Butterfly Watch that costs as much as an entry level car. I am quite a huge fan of butterflies, and this is the ultimate embodiment of butterflies, design and amazing craft.

The Simpsons and Chuck Taylor hi tops. This is not really my usual style but I think it’s fab. It would go great with denim, wouldn’t it? Again, mentally drawing up pictures of outfits paired with these shoes. Wanted to get it in Penang but was sold out in my size. I have zero shoe luck.

I should save the Prada and Miu Miu for next time. By the time I can afford it I’d be in my 30s, and frankly speaking I’m not sure if by that time these superficial materialistic desires in me will still be as insatiable as it is now. Perhaps I’ll be off chasing more thought provoking topics like the meaning of life or delving into the study of religion in a feeble attempt to seek forgiveness for the sins I’ll have committed in my 20s.

Sweet 20s where we don’t have to give a damn about consequences.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy weekends!

It doesn’t take plenty to lift my spirits. A good rest, a great book, shopping, food, personal projects and precious alone time formulate my typical weekends.

I’ve stopped reading for a few months as I was focusing on my website project. If you’re interested, here’s the link. Now that it’s up and running, I need to shift my focus to new targets. My inability to keep still and not do anything is still as infuriating as ever, and it has left a trail of half-baked projects that I am not too keen to see to completion. Mostly because I have tired of them or think that they are not worth completing. So anyway, back to my reading. It’s been quite a long hiatus so I am extremely glad to pick up a solid paperback and thumb my way through it.

Read of the week: Public Secrets by Nora Roberts

Thoroughly enjoyed it and cried buckets over the book. Heaven knows why I am built like that. I tear up so easily and it is so frustrating. But it was a good read, and offered some insight for me about domestic violence. I have never really understood the way victims thought, and why would they stay with their abusers. It was enlightening though painful to mentally live through those moments. 

Splurge of the week: Hair care items

I decided to give my crowning glory some TLC and purchased a bottle of hair repair treatment (Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair, RM29.90) and some hair vitamins (Ellips Hair Vitamin with Ginseng & Honey Oil, RM8.42) from Watsons. Hoping to see some results before I jetset off to Bali with my family in November!

For someone who is averse to greens and practices a sedentary lifestyle, thinning hair is the first of many trade-offs. I keep telling myself I will start living healthy when I am 25 as an excuse to procrastinate my fitness regime. I am the bane of my own existence.

Did some window shopping today and felt such a strong pull to get a new watch to replace my 7 year old Swatch. This Daniel Wellington trend has caught me bad and I am totally enraptured. I want one so so bad. I am a sucker for trends and stuff. Better a follower than an outdated person, I guess, since I’m not particularly fashion forward. I’m more like the girl who would rather gain an hour of sleep than doll up in front of the mirror on most days. Don’t get the point of caking my face in makeup and dressing up to impress. If I dress up, I do so because I want to feel good. Or if there’s a high possibility a photo will be taken of me. Still vain to some extent, I guess.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

In limbo

It’s been a while. Having embarked on a career change, I am thrilled with the new possibilities my job offers me and I love what I am doing on a daily basis. I wonder if I made the right choice to major in what I did 4 years ago. More inclined towards the competitive tech industry, I feel rather wrong footed having started out in interior design. Confusion is something that constantly clouds my mind when I have the luxury of time to indulge in my thoughts.

 I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what I want out of life. The answer still perplexes me. I do not know. I have identified the need for more intellectual stimulation, something that I will never get tired of. Have been toying around with ideas of postgraduate education, but contemplating on the subject. Should I remain in the architecture and design field or head towards my long time passion in technology?

 I feel such a strong inclination towards mobile platforms and app development. But interest itself is insufficient, and I think that a modicum of talent and skill would be far more valuable. I am trying to self learn and pick up right now, despite many rounds of failure. It worries me that this may not be my forte.

 The future possibilities are alluring, but I remain grounded in my reality. What should come next?

 I tend to overthink.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Searching for my personal style

As an interior designer I get asked this question pretty often
"What is your personal style?"

The truthful answer is I am still searching. I am searching for my design identity, what defines me and embodies the design language I speak. I used to go "Oh, you know, the pink and girly kind of thing." when frankly, I didn't have a single clue. No way I'd do up my bedroom in lace, frills and pink no matter how much I love that feminine associated colour.

But of late, I have developed an affinity towards a raw and structural design language. It is so transparent that everything can be seen at the first glance. It doesn't conceal but aims to reveal. Think polished concrete, timber, bricks. Yep. I love the structural integrity that is maintained in this style. The lack of embellishments is a welcome relief from our multifaceted world. I guess in a way I can say that I've grown tired of seeing poorly chosen colour palettes and girls caked in makeup. Enough of the poor colour choices.

The image below embodies everything I like to have in interiors. It's the GitHub Office in San Franscisco. That space looks fun and so creatively stimulating! I am hooked. I love the exposed ceiling, the rugged and worn looking furniture, the brick walls, raw concrete columns and timber dotting various areas of the office. For me, this is the epitome of design; it is something I can connect with on an emotional level (yes, we can and do form relationships with spaces! I studied that when I did environmental psychology so I'm not pulling your legs here). I'd kill to work in an office like this, period.

Just a random midnight musing.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Welcoming 2014

I broke practically all my resolutions for this year already. Bade my supposed health and fitness regime a goodbye with a flying kiss, and that's all water under the bridge now.

Recently I am obsessed with self branding and marketing. So I've created this portfolio site, redesigned my CV and am coming up with my personal business card. It is so hard designing for yourself!!!! I don't know what other designers out there think.

But when I am doing stuff for clients I understand their brief and am able to deliver what they want. The trouble with designing for myself is that I can never make up my mind on what I want. This is the biggest issue of all. I am going nuts. One day I'll be like "Hey I love a modern retro feel!" and another day I'll be thinking along the lines of "Wouldn't it be better to do it minimalist?"

I have been experimenting with different styles for a few months and I still cannot make up my mind. This is for my personal branding stuff. Until I am able to find my desired image, I will not be able to come out with my business card design and start distributing. Yikes.

Okay so that was on my personal development side. On my professional side I am so happy to have cleared my 2013 freelance accounts. Now I can rest peacefully, knowing that no one owes me money anymore. I love doing 3D stuff, but it doesn't mean I'll work for free! I'll not be doing the market and industry any justice by working for free. Here are some of the stuff I did. Next time I'll give a preview of the projects in progress.

This is my 3rd (and last!) internship and so far working has taught me a lot. No regrets choosing this profession, I love my job which includes designing, 2d technical drawings, conceptual development, furniture sourcing and the likes. The company I'm working at offers many opportunities so I'm not complaining.

Next up on my list is my final year project and graduation!!!! Looking forward to what the future holds for me. It's gonna be an exciting year. I'm really happy with the way my life has turned out to be, seeing that it was just a few years back that I was really confused and directionless (I'm still the same, albeit less confused now haha).

Again, still having some small doubts that I should have jumped ship to Computer Science. In my spare time I have been meddling around with some basic coding stuff and I truly think that it might have been a good career choice as well. Anyway that's stuff for the future. I'm already having my hands full dabbling in graphic design. In case you can't tell, I am a person who just cannot sit still doing nothing. So many options, so many opportunities, so little time! If I could, I want to learn everything. Like for real. I wish I didn't stop my music education...

I really don't know what I was doing with my life back in high school. I wasted so many years trying to figure out who I was and what I was to do with my life. I mean, my mind and heart were set on Interior Design but the lack of familial support gave me so many doubts. Now that I've gotten what I want, I'm thinking of testing waters in other areas. If you feel like giving me a slap please restrain ok. I'm...a little confused and very easily excited. A gen Y through and through, I guess.

Okay that's probably enough musings for the day. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My sleeping cycle is all messed up

It is one of those rare, wonderful and frequently anticipated rainy nights where I should be deep in slumberland, yet here I am sitting in front of my computer nonetheless.

Day 2 of my semester break:

Woke to a nightmare featuring a killer whale that wanted to make a meal of me and my boyfriend at Sea World. It kept leaping out of the pool snapping its massive jaws, and we ALMOST GOT KILLED. Ran out of Sea World into a shopping mall, only to discover that said killer whale has the ability to transform into human form and track us down on foot. Got so disturbed trying to escape from the killer whale man in my dream that I woke in shock and dared not go back to sleep. I blame this disturbing dream on Vector's pet shark in Despicable Me. I watched that movie before sleeping, and look how it turned out. Yeah, only people like me can get nightmares from watching cartoons. *facepalm*

Had ambitious plans to wash my car after it went for routine servicing -- only to discover that dad got it cleaned at an RM8 car wash. Not too happy with the quality of the wash as I discovered many questionable marks on the roof (most likely to be bird poop), but decided to let it slide due to the amount of work I would have to go through to get it cleaned up (i.e. get the bucket, soap and sponge from upstairs, fill it up, spray the car, clean up the poop, rinse the soap suds, bring the washing equipment back up and clean them -- yeah very troublesome indeed.

So I decided instead to do a round of spring cleaning in my room since well, it has been awhile. I have chanced upon a number of happily settled spiders in several dark corners of my room during the past year. Or longer. Waiting around for nature to take its course wasn't really the best idea, I suppose. Armed with my new buddy, the vacuum cleaner, I think I managed to exterminate the spider population in its entirety. Felt quite pleased with myself until the dust attack that left my eyes and nose watering. Decided to call it a day then. Proceeded to humour myself for the remainder of the afternoon downloading new apps on the iTunes store and updating myself on geek news.

And a few hours ago, I entertained myself watching The Hunger Games. Deeply impressed by Jennifer Lawrence's performance in the film and am hooked to the plot and story. Spent an hour or so soaking it all up. Feeling rather satisfied albeit sleepy at this moment.

Realization #1: I need to do something with my life.

Realization #2: I am probably going to get nightmares again.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mobili Workshop



Over and done with my second year, next up on my agenda is a one month break :D

Happy giler! *war dances in glee*

Today I went for the Mobili workshop and it was super fun. I was TOTALLY dreading the group project making session because I didn't know anyone there, pulled a horribly exhausting all-nighter and felt super shitty this morning. But as it turns out, I couldn't be more wrong!!! And I am soooo happy to be in the wrong for once!

My group mates are such nice people. Everyone was so agreeable and amicable that it was an absolute pleasure working together. And even though we didn't get any placing or anything for our attempt I am still so happy because I enjoyed the process so much.

All other groups each produced a very complete and comprehensive furniture mockup (yes they even came out with material selections and discussed jointing and manufacturing issues, super impressive!) whilst we created a conceptual model of a playground because we think that 6 people working on one furniture piece is just too mainstream. Kidding lah we just took a different approach to design -- do first and figure it out later ;)

My group and our playground masterpiece!

Here's a closer look~

It is damn cool. We even have a crawling machine (!!!) 
(That's the paper-fold inspired device on the left side of the bottom photo)

Our project was VERY creatively stimulating! Just look at the development possibilities there! For me it totally exudes elements of playfulness and fun. Gosh I love these hands on just-for-fun-no-stressing projects like this. Forget about insufferable criteria like exceedingly fine workmanship standards. Leave aside the mountains of research, precedent studies and difficult questions that are meant to break your spirit and discourage you. Equipped with just our minds and hands, it is amazing to see ideas form and take shape.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that workmanship, research and practicality aren't important. But it sure feels damn good to not let those things get in the way of your creative process.

You know, throughout the semester I got more and more frustrated and mind blocked about my design. Nothing seemed to turn out the way I wanted. Everything existed purely within the confines of my brain, but nothing could materialize. Today's workshop helped me rediscover my passion for it, resuscitate and reignite the thoughts and ideas deep inside my head that clamour to get out, but for most of the time remain trapped inside. Gosh this feels like unleashing the titans -- to taste the surge of power that was suppressed for a long time. Yup that just about sums it up.

Why am I waxing poetic all of a sudden? Chop chop let's move on.

So, today ALSO marks the end of my second year! Definitely worth commemorating! I submitted my FFFE (last pending assignment) today and I felt like a load was lifted off my shoulders. Oh god this feeling is damn awesome. I almost wanted to tear in joy because my struggle for this semester had came to an end.

My excellent mood resulted in me singing in the car at the top of my voice (accompanied with some sassy moves too *wiggles eyebrows*) as I wove my way home through the never ending stream of vehicles AND succeeding in avoiding traffic jams altogether! My day just couldn't get any better. 

I feel so contented.

This is bliss :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Read of the day

The waterworks turned right on for me. A tale of family, injustice, sibling rivalry, dashed hopes, True Colors is a poignant yet remarkable story. Kristin Hannah, you've done a fantastic job! I'm officially a fan. I purchased this book for only RM8 at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale last year. What an absolute steal! A full day of entertainment and five star read. You won't be disappointed -- I certainly wasn't! However, be prepared to weep your eyes out. I think I dried out my tear glands.

Silent conversation

I had a queer dream last night.

My distaste is written on my face when something or someone bothers me. It may seem rude, but I find that after expressing it -- albeit at times rather viciously, I will let the matter pass like water under a bridge. But many little things can somehow manage to get to me. It is convenient to blame it on my mild OCD tendencies, but at times I myself know better.

So this is how it began.

I tutted in annoyance when this lady stood in front of this beautiful fountain sculpture I was about to snap a photo of, partially blocking it. Many people were trying to capture a photo of it too, but I supposed that none of them were really bothered by her. In retrospect, a simple "excuse me" would have sufficed to make her move. But that was not on my mind at that moment.

She overhead me tutting and glanced sharply in my way but made haste to move away so that she wouldn't be in the frame. Me, finally getting the photo I waited for made my way back quickly. I did not look forward to an encounter with this lady. And so, I quickened my steps.

But to my dismay, she was right behind me. She tapped my shoulder and indicated that she wished for me to stop. A note was pressed into my hand, and she did not speak. The hurriedly scribbled note read of regret and apology, and her eyes were soft and pleading. I began wondering if I had mistaken the look in her at the fountain. Nonetheless, I nodded in acquiescence. She held my hands with both of hers for a brief moment before turning around. I watched her walk away; a flood of emotions surging inside, some of them identifiable.

Remorse. Shame. Guilt.

It was odd and rather disturbing that I felt so much after this encounter that took place in my head.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's ♥

So this marks our third Valentine together. This year was a simple affair -- nothing elaborate, yet it was very, very sweet. Just an easy night out, no bookings or advanced reservations this year as we made our way to Sushi Zanmai at Paradigm Mall (and were very early, mind you). This is us before our meal! I shan't post any post-meal photos as I look utterly horrendous (let's not get started on my bloated tummy).

I absolutely adore my bouquet of pink roses. How very thoughtful he was to have gotten flowers in my favourite colour! And I noticed a pattern -- the number of roses seem to be increasing each year *evil grin*

Anyway just to tempt you out there (because I can and because I am evil this way), this is what we had for dinner! 

Spider roll topped with creamy mayonnaise and deliciously crisp soft shell crab tucked snugly within. You probably won't notice it but it is missing one piece here because I popped it into my mouth before I realised I had to snap a photo. 

Smoked salmon sushi. It's much more expensive now than before, at a staggering RM6.80 for this plate.

Okay, admittedly this pot of Seafood Nabe came in a much larger portion, but it was so very yummy and mouth-watering that we polished off half of it before I had the sense to snap a photo.

 My favourite salmon sashimi! This is pure heaven. I won't even attempt to describe it -- words really do fail me at this point.

California hand rolls

So that was my Valentines, and what a pleasant one it was! I donned my new red dress and applied makeup especially for the occasion :3 Just for the occasion! ;)

I am so immensely happy that I am still floating about. Thank you Codemasters for the timely one-week break -- you sure treat your employees well! Work resumes next Wednesday for me. I am well into my 2nd month at this job, and my term is ending soon. Which means that my next semester is coming very very soon! Oh dear.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Latest tech drools

I've been coveting the HTC Butterfly for quite some time now. Black and red is a super sexy combo! Why lah must it be so huge. This monster sized phone is not at all pocketable! Now if it were to come with a 4.5" screen with a thickness of around 8mm and also a battery size of around 2500 mAh or more, I'd snap it up in a jiffy.

Next up, the Sony Xperia Z. I really like the way it looks, and it comes in a stylish purple hue! But I'm not gonna pick up a phone that is a fingerprint magnet. I don't fancy the design of the on/off button -- it looks much too out of place! But I do like that it is water and dust resistant. It would be perfect for a person as clumsy as I am. Still very monstrous (and pricey).

The ZL is not coming to Malaysia, but I'm not minding it a bit. At almost 1cm thick, it is a fat phone for me. Its front facing camera positioned at the bottom does not exactly appeal to me either. Though I must say that I like it's size (width and height).

The Blackberry Z10 kind of fits the bill for me in terms of hardware design. My main gripe, however, is the OS. Having suffered at the hands of Windows Phone 7.5 for a sorry period of 1.5 years, my next phone purchase shall have an established OS. Either Android or iOS would be good. I have long since given up on Windows phones. And no matter how people rave over Windows Phone 8, I am a convert. GIVE ME MORE APPS. Enough said. And the camera of the Z10 fails to impress me. Another thing (other than the camera) that I've never liked about Blackberry is its asking price. I'll pass.

LG, Micromax and Nokia have failed to impress me with their designs. I was never a fan of the Optimus series. Or the Lumia for that matter, but I do like the camera with its floating lens technology and the wireless charging capability. But it's a brick of a phone. Sturdy it may be, I don't want such a huge phone. Girls have small pockets ok! My criteria goes this way: looks first, functionality second. I don't like fat phones -- anything above 9mm in depth is fat.

Nexus 4 is okay I suppose -- I do quite like the "disco ball" back (not surprising since I like glittery things), but it's form is outdated and much too reminiscent of the Samsung manufactured Nexus. Moreover, it would be nice to have an expandable storage at that price point. In reference to this article, I beg to differ. I'd much rather have the expandable storage and get confused any day. In fact, I'm feeling rather appalled at what Google thinks of its users. Man, thanks a lot for the confidence boost.

So, it boils down to both these 2 phones. The Note 2, whilst being everything I want, is too big for me to palm it. I really like the USB OTG capability on the S3, it is a super big plus point. And also the 3x4 on screen keyboard. I MISSED THOSE LIKE CRAZY. 3x4 keyboards should make a comeback! Paired with text input prediction, you can get your messages typed so quickly! I look back fondly at those days where I could text without looking at my phone. Days long past us now, sadly.

I like that Samsung had the foresight to equip last year's flagship with NFC. In this sense it makes it more future proof than the dual core iPhone 5. I find that the pop up play and multi view capabilities are really handy too. However I don't like the colour rendering of the screen, nor am I a fan of the screen. Despite the numbers and scores, it fails to win me over. Too dim, and very desaturated. The S2 was saturated to the point of being rather inaccurate. Samsung is just not getting it right.

On the other hand, the iPhone 5 wins in terms of design (pocketability!), hardware and camera. If iTunes weren't needed to transfer files, photos and music, that would be a major score for Apple too. Too bad its battery is so teeny. No doubt LTE would decapitate it, and I'm a sucker for mobile web browsing. So I need the juice! Love the screen on the iPhone though. They have got the recipe down pat.

All in all, I would feel like I'm getting more bang for buck with the Samsung. Can't wait for the La Fleur edition to hit Malaysian shores! It could be the ultimate deciding factor for me. But how I wish the S3 had Note 2 capabilities and specs. 2GB ram! S Pen!

Torn between choices.

I am not really looking forward to the phones coming out this year as they are all likely to be gigantic monsters. A rumoured 5" 1080p screen for the S4. That's really likely seeing what its competitors have up their sleeves. But it is too big -- they are all too big for me :(

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Give me a harder one

My favourite is still Tchaikovsky. Yes, even after so many years.

This meme makes me feel rather nostalgic.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reality check

In a month, I will officially finish my first year. 

Hello, long awaited holidays :)

I wish I was in January intake instead of July, that way I'd get my 3 months break at the end of each academic year instead of in the middle, because the end of each year is far more stressful!



Weekend rush work for today's internal review. 

I did the best I could within that short time frame. *shrugs*


I'm gonna exercise a little to compensate for my inactive lifestyle. The solution? 10 sit ups before dozing off, and 5 sit ups when I wake up each morning. I chose this exercise because I can do it on the bed! xD And also because it can help me make my tummy more firm. I want to fit comfortably in my tight jeans!

Note to self: